Meet Miss Magnolia


Created by very lovely duo of Ken-né and Kathy, our Magnificent Miss Magnolia, who we affectionately refer to as "Maggie" is a proud, sassy and sometimes salty friend. Back in the 60’s, Maggie was an activist fighting for civil rights, and in the 70’s she spoke up for women’s rights.

Things haven’t changed much and Maggie’s still out there speaking up and showing up for us. As your friend, she’ll tell you the truth, no sugarcoating.

She’ll show you the blindspots that you might be unable to see yourself.

She’s the one you want by your side, supporting you and empowering you, like she has for so many others over the years.

To add a little Miss Magnolia to your life, click here and she can be all yours (minus the accessories like her hair, clothes, and face). She's a 12 diopter 4X Illuminated Stand Mag, in case you wanted to know her deets.